Yesterday, during the NATO Summit in Vilnius attended by heads of state of NATO countries, including US President Biden, many of the NATO countries dropped Ukraine like a hot potato. They were not keen on agreeing to accept its membership with NATO. This, despite President Zelensky’s pleas for urgent acceptance because of the ongoing war. The NATO members required timelines for the membership, which is actually a stonewalling strategy so that they will not approve the membership now and thereby avoid being involved in Ukraine’s war. If Ukraine becomes a member now, the members will be bound by Article 5 of the NATO charter which requires them to support Ukraine in its war.

The NATO members must have taken their cue from President Biden. The US is the key figure, if not the henchman, of NATO. During the Summit, President Biden was suddenly non-committal on Ukraine’s membership. It must be emphasized that President Zelensky was a creation of the US. He replaced pro-Russian President Yakunovych who was ousted in a coup orchestrated by the US.

The US and the other NATO members must have realized that accepting Ukraine now will be the trigger for World War 3, a nuclear one. With the many problems besetting the US now, financial, economic, and political, President Biden does not need to complicate his problems some more, especially with his impending impeachment and the upcoming elections next year.

All that President Zelensky can do now is just seethe in anger with his repudiation by his sponsors the US and other European countries. He must have realized only now that he was just used by the US to fight Russia, not exactly to win the war but to weaken Russia for other US purposes.

As a consolation, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg told President Zelensky that Ukraine will not be required anymore to undergo the 2 stages of membership but just one. Even then, there is no assurance that its membership will be accepted soon.
In the meantime, Ukraine, already devastated, will be more devastated with little or no more material and financial support given by its sponsors.

Russia still has not actually unleashed its deadliest firepower on neighboring Ukraine because all Russia wanted was for Ukraine to remain neutral and not become a member of NATO. If Ukraine becomes a member of NATO, nonetheless, the first thing that will happen will be the decimation of its capital Kiev with Russian tactical nuclear warheads just to warn the other NATO members not to join the war.