The USA and Canada announced earlier to impose sanctions on several Chinese officials for allegedly abuse and enslavement of Uyghurs in Xinjiang. The move was based on BCI’s report about re-education camps, detaining of one million people and other ethnic minorities, and even genocide accuse.

The Chinese discovered that BCI, claiming an independent agency actually received funds from the USAID, which was disclosed in BCI’s annual reports. BCI obeys the foreign policy of the US Secretary of State.

This video tells the story about two reviews of Oasis Footwear industry indicating there was no forced labor in Xinjiang, either for Uyghur people or other ethnic or religious groups. The USA, in its history, once carried out genocide against Indians and enslaved blacks for forced labor, and even today, racial discrimination in the US is going worse.

It is said that there is no evidence of forced labor. Viewers of this video will have their own judgement.