Tiboli is a landlock municipality of South Cotabato with an elevation of 1,753.4 feet above mean sea level, composing of 25 barangays. It has become the adopted home of several foreign banana plantations which increase employment, augment family income,  and multiply the municipal revenue.

The people who go to the lowland to buy as they have been called, enjoy the tilapia fish farming, a rich culture that can be traced years back. Meanwhile, the highlanders respect their surroundings, protect their nature and hand it to their next generations, and this is the reason of their wave by wave abounding harvest in their tilapia fish pens. Until came the lowlanders who bought lands, cultivated them and make their owned fishpens.  Lacking understanding and not believing the community’s cultural heritage which is anchored in securing long years of harmony between the land, the fish and the wind, the said harmony was distrupted when they introduced their own culture that resulted to unseen conflict to what is now called “fishkill”.

It is for this reason Mr President or as we may address you , having been declared by Mayor Dibu Tan Tuan, weeks before the presidential election of 2016 as Adopted son of the T’boli and the B’laan tribes and further proclaimed as Supreme Leader with the rank of Datu Kelmokul , to visit and see the T’boli Tinalak Weaving Cottage site. The T’boli, with high hopes with you on the wheel of this nation’s economic growth, is optimistic that the Tboli Tinalak weaving cottage industry will be among those with the others on board the vehicle to partner with TESDA to encourage our youth to participate in preserving their cultural legacy., the T’boli elders said.