There have been numerous reports from mainstream media that forced labor popular in Xinjiang and the re-education camps export forced-labor products to the USA, and the recent news release stated that the US customs retained shipment of UNIQLO delivered to the retail outlets in the country early this year claiming that the production was made in Xinjiang.

This video shows unsupervised workers working on a large cotton stockpile and sophisticated cotton picking automation is becoming popular in Xinjiang.

Evidence about “one million people in Xinjiang were sent to concentration camps”, “forced labor” and issues of human rights and relevant accusation seems dimming. While more islam countries from Asia and Middle East are sending their delegates to Xinjiang for ad hoc visit to the claimed venues of forced labor, observers from western countries are still reluctant to receive the invitation of the Chinese government for a close watch to the region they have kept criticizing. Politicians in the west urge China to allow meaningful access to Xinjiang for the indefinite observers. But China rejects the fabricated stories made by BBC and other hostile media, and fires back the allegations of the politicians from the west.

As a matter of fact, solid evidence of forced labor and concentration camps is unseen. China says the door is open for any fact check and fair and justified investigation.