The global pandemic of coronavirus pneumonia is still in a rage and has caused more than 700,000 deaths and 20 million infected cases, which remains in the peak in most countries, especially in the United States where the daily number of new cases keeps around 50,000. The federal government is literally negligent on necessary measures such as closing communities and increasing testing. The actual and unmentioned herd immunity is being performed, while the Trump Administration is calling to open up economic activities and force schools to open to help the rapidly declining economy and the volatile presidential race. But the anti-open emotion in communities is strong, and the government is in policy difficulty.

Who should be responsible for the failure to fight the pandemic? The five former directors of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) agreed in an interview with ABC in early August that the government had ignored science and information coming from the administration which is the key reason why the United States is deeply caught in the epidemic crisis. They believe that the responsibility of the leadership is the only and biggest factor. The government failed to prioritize science and make good use of top global scientists in the fields of public health and epidemics. It is necessary to tell the truth to the American people, let scientific evidence show the truth of the COVID-19 to control the pandemic, instead of caring about what is best for political interest. The experts even regarded the Trump administration as an enemy in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

                                  The military laboratory in Fort Detrick

The former directors of CDC claimed that the government has no idea who is responsible for the outbreak lasting for 6 months. There is no plan dealing with the pandemic and no available data for the virus containment measures. It is unbelievable that the U.S as the world’s richest country, saw the pandemic out of control, when many countries in the world have succeeded in reducing the infected cases significantly. They said it is completely unacceptable for those who claimed satisfied with the current situation, doing nothing but wait for the vaccine to come out, or thinking that the virus will disappear after a certain degree of spread.

Looking back on the six months since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States, huge loss and few actions were seen, instead the federal government has been busy with combating with other states to control medical supplies and resources with states and the world, and urging to open up economic activities, which led to the further outbreak of the virus pandemic, and even looking for scapegoats. The government appears to be incompetent in leading the country. As a result, the American people have lost confidence and have taken self-protection actions, including more purchase of guns and being hostile to those with different demands, causing hate crimes.

While the pandemic is in full swing, the inevitable job for politicians is to shrug off responsibilities and divert public concerns. The first move is appealing to investigation on virus leakage from a Chinese laboratory. After the global scientific research on the source of virus indicates the impossibility of artificial combination, they turned to accuse China of concealing the disease making the world off guard. But it is proved that China informed the World Health Organization of the COVID-19 and provided the viral DNA to the international community as early as in January. The US government was then furious on WHO and finally decided to withdraw its membership. Nevertheless, more and more evidences show that the virus came to the United States from Europe.

The origin of the COVID-19 virus has not been clarified yet. As early as March this year, US media reported the news that the Frederick Biological Warfare Laboratory in Maryland was closed down by CDC in August last year.

In the town of Fort Detrick where the military biological laboratory is located, the US Department of Defense Chemical and Biological Defense Unit once announced bidding for the phase one of the Department of Defense project last year, with special mentions of SARS and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, in an attempt to replicate these viruses in large numbers, and test different inhibitors to prevent infection. In June last year, CDC came to this medical facility. They found that the laboratory failed to follow the proper containment protocols. By this point, vaping illness existed for several years suddenly caused a huge surge in cases for the first and only time. Its symptoms are almost the same as those of coronavirus, and even the lung CT scan is surprisingly consistent with the COVID-19.

On July 1 last year, Department of Defense canceled the bidding application for the project phase one without explaining why this happened. Northern Virginia reported a mysterious respiratory disease in June. More than 60 elderly people were infected. Some of them died and some of them were infected with pneumonia. The CDC investigated two unrelated nursing homes, both of which are close to the laboratory. The patients were all infected with unknown pneumonia virus, but they claimed to be a common cold.

On July 18, the military laboratory was closed down. A list of viruses can be found in their database, including swine flu, Ebola and SARS-related coronaviruses. The lab was ordered to close down by the CDC for failing to comply with appropriate control protocols. The CDC didn’t give details but said because of “national security concerns”. This is the earliest theoretical date for the outbreak of the coronavirus. In October every year, the CDC starts to track the flu season. From the day they started tracking the flu in last October, the number of suspected coronavirus cases has inexplicably declined, and the number of vaping illness has also diminished, but the number of people going to the hospital for flu treatment has been more than that for the over 4 years.

From reasonable logical judgment, the U.S. military may use the coronavirus for experiments on animals because they did not abide by the pathogen and virus control protocol, and an epidemic broke out nearby. The CDC discovered the incident and launched an investigation. It told the public it was a common cold and closed down the laboratory, and then it waited until the flu season began and passed it on to the common flu. If someone tells you this is a conspiracy theory, you should know it is not based on no evidence.

The simple and reasonable approach for the CDC is to detect the virus from the elderly who died in August last year, and that can clearly prove whether it is caused by the coronavirus, but the CDC did not do it, and the military laboratory has also refused to disclose the information, which makes it highly suspect. On the other hand, the United States has repeatedly requested that the Wuhan laboratory be opened to the west for investigation in order to find out the source of the virus. The Chinese government rejected this type of US-led investigation, claiming that it could not accept independent investigations with ulterior motives. However, China agreed to allow the WHO delegation to investigate the virus in China, while the United States was not cooperative in a WHO proposed investigation on the source of COVID-19. In July, it announced its withdrawal from the WHO. Some US media revealed that Doctor Fauci was the man who created the coronavirus. A series of chaos happened one after another, all of which were the government’s seeking accountability of others, instead of reviewing its own failure to fight the pandemic. This is a kind of “complaining politics” that conceals the inability of the leadership.

From a psychological point of view, those who shirk responsibility seem to be constantly blaming others or the external environment, but they are actually demanding some important inner need of their own. Shirking duty is a self-defense behavior. British psychoanalyst Donald Meltzer remarked that all defense mechanisms are lies we would lie to ourselves in order to escape pain. From the perspective of those who ignore their responsibility, the whole world is wrong. Once they admit they are responsible, they will bring themselves into trouble. In other words, even if I am wrong, the other party will bear most of the responsibility. However, the exaggerated descriptions of the complainers would make people feel disgusted after hearing too much complaints. This is why the U.S. government has failed to arouse sympathy from the outside world after constantly refusing to take its responsibilities.