The Muslim, Tribal and Christian leaders in Mindanao laud the pronouncement of President Ferdinand BBM Marcos to expand more Specialty Hospitals to far flung areas. The Muslim Datus cited the Department of Health of their efforts to make Cotabato Regional Hospital, now capable of heart by pass, kidney , lung and other specialized operations. They are recommending that Specialty Hospital will soon be considered in the Province of Sibugay or Ipil and in Maguindanao.

Meanwhile, the Tribal leaders are still waiting to see more developments like putting up new specialty hospital complex in the border of Marilog District and Buda Kitaotao Bukidnun, strategically located from existing hospital facility. Many of the tribes homes are not even reached by the Davao City Light and Power and the Bukidnon Light Power. Because they are widely scattered in remote villages, transporting their sick to the city hospital is hard and death would take the life along the way. Additionally, the long line of waiting at the hospital corridor is unbearable and pityful.

Mr. President, the poor Muslims, Tribals and the Christiands are one united voice to appeal that you create a Task Force to be headed by someone to report directly to you regarding the situation in Mindanao. He should not be a politician but someone who possesses the passion to deliver your promises to serve their needs such as affordable medicines, food terminals,  and rooms for their alternate patient watchers— these of which they had been deprived for many years .