What a week.  This Labor Day weekend we have reason to celebrate and reason to be very, very concerned.

The good news first: our economy is rebounding. Employment is increasing with 1.4 million jobs being added in August. This is significant and far more than many economists had anticipated. As such, the unemployment rate dropped to 8.4%! OUTSTANDING.

But the mainstream media can’t give credit where credit is due.
 Hey, even the financial media outlets which typically try to provide a more in-depth analysis are trying to counter this great report with negativity. CNBC commentators made some obvious remarks about how we still have a long way to go…(no kidding.)

Let’s cut to the chase—this is GOOD news for America. But, anything that is good for America these days seems to be quite bad for Joe Biden and therefore, the media acts accordingly. I discuss it all in my podcast so please make sure you subscribe for free.

Meanwhile–one should be asking: why is the market so fragile, so volatile, and so DOWN given the positive signs in the economy?

I’ll tell you why–investors have figured out that we are heading towards a constitutional crisis.

Consider the evidence;

·      Hillary Clinton telegraphed through her former communications director in an interview on Showtime’s “The Circus,” that Joe Biden should “not concede no matter what.” That’s a pretty strong statement. She believes the Biden camp needs to fortify itself with lawyers and be prepared to contest the election.

·      Hawkish, a data analytics firm funded by billionaire and Biden supporter Michael Bloomberg, says it anticipates that President Trump could win on November 3, however when the mail-in votes are finally counted, Biden will prove to be the winner.

·      The actress Alyssa Milano, a political activist for the left, seems to be setting the stage for a constitutional crisis, by tweeting that she’s having nightmares of Trump winning and refusing to concede once mail-in votes are counted.

·      A column in the Washington Post by a Georgetown professor insists there will be a war on the streets if Joe Biden doesn’t win in a landslide.

If this all transpires, there will be questions surrounding the authenticity of the ballots. A recent interview in the New York Post detailed a former Democrat operative’s efforts to influence elections by stuffing ballots, recruiting postal workers to throw out Republican ballots, and other means of stealing votes.

These questions about mail-in ballots, as well as the left’s unwillingness to concede, may lead us towards a Constitutional Crisis. And, if we do not have a decision by January 20thon the next President of the United States? Buckle up.

Constitutionally, the Presidency would go to the Speaker of the House. If the Dems keep the House, Nancy Pelosi would assume the Presidency. If the Republicans win it, then Kevin McCarthy would be in-line.

Whatever happens… this is not good. We have always prided ourselves on a peaceful transfer of power…but, the left – knowing that its Russia investigation and Ukraine impeachment scandal left them still with a President Trump in charge – is becoming more creative. Wall Street is responding to the uncertainty by selling stocks as we head into a long weekend.

It’s a critical time and important that the truth be told. So, thank you for staying on TrishIntel.com and listening to my daily podcast. I hope you have a great weekend and celebrate the rebirth of American labor this Labor Day Weekend. American jobs are coming back and will continue to do so provided we have smart, strong, sound economic policies!