These days, the world is witnessing one of the most important cases of terrorism in the 21st century, which is now being examined and evaluated in Europe in the small town of Antwerp, Belgium. The reason for this most important court case is nothing but the attack on freedom, democracy, and human rights in Europe by Iranian regime’s terrorist under diplomatic cover. According to Iranian regime ‘s logic and reasoning, assassination is just a political tool thatIranian regime can decide to use when faced with an obstacle to defend its interests.

In June 2018, Belgian police defused a bomb that Assadollah Asadi, a senior diplomat at the Iranian embassy in Austria, handed over to two of his accomplices at a pizzeria to take with them to a gathering of the Iranian Resistance in Paris. This mullahs’ state terrorist attack was carried out under the command of President Rouhani with approval of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and plotted by Iranian Ministry of Intelligence. The step by step details of the attack was directed and managed by Assadi through the Iranian Embassy in Austria.

The Tehran regime had taken a huge risk to carry out this assault, but why?! What were the facts that made mullahs’ regime to take such a risky decision?

In Dec 2017, a large-scale uprising took place in Iran. After this uprising, Khamenei and other regime officials concluded that they should take revenge and attack the main source of this uprising. Plan ”A for revenge included a large explosion in Albania during the Iranian Resistance Nowruz celebrations, when the group’s leader, Ms. Rajavi, and a few foreign guests attended the gathering.

PlanA was defeated by Albanian officials, then the Iranian regime launched Plan Btargeting a resistance rally in Paris.

This was not an ordinary terrorist act to be committed by Iranian regime in Arab countries with its proxy forces! Their attempt was a revenge so that they could benefit from it insideIran.

On the 22nd of June 2018, Assadi personally transported the bomb to Vienna on an Austrian airliner. A dangerous act that could have turned into a major disaster and was clearly in violation of international flight regulations. Assadi later took the bomb to Luxembourg via Germany on June 26, and on June 28 (two days before the rally) he handed it over to two terrorists, Nasimeh Naami and Amir Saadouni to be taken by them to the rally site. The two terrorists were arrested in Belgium before noon on the day of the rally, June 30th, while transporting the bomb in their car on the way to rally site close to Paris. In the evening of the same day, Mehrdad Arefani, the third accomplice, was arrested at the rally site. The terrorist diplomat Assadollah Assadi was also arrested the next afternoon (July 1, 2018) on his way back to Vienna in Germany.

Below is the text of Asadi’s chat around the day of rally:

Saadouni addressed to Assadi: Hello uncle

Assadi’s answer to Saaduni June 29, 2018 at 20:08:03:

“Are you well? Did the Game get installed? (Has the bomb been put together?)

Saaduni’s answer to Assadi:

Yes, the game was installed. We won. We will talk on Sunday’s breakfast.”

Saaduni’s question from Assadi

If the PS did not get installed, do we return to Zakir’s house (Belgium) or go for breakfast?

Explanation: PS stands for PLAY STATION4, a computer game that refers to setting up the bomb.

Assadi’s question from Saaduni at 20:21:19

If you mean the game time (8 PM), we could move it forward?

Saaduni answer

Yes, 17:30 is better

Asadi’s answer at 20:24:19

Ok, the same 17:30 is good, your team will come out winner, God willing, bye

Saadouni contacted Asadi again on July 30, around 11:30

Hi, we set up the PS (bomb), we are going to win the cup, uncle

Asadi’s answer and question again at 11:34:41

Good Job, was the TV plug also connected or not? (Is the bomb wire connected or not?)

Saaduni’s answer to Asadi

Yes, everything is Ok.

Assadi’s answer to Saaduni 11:41:11

(Do not take the phone with you into the meeting hall, put it in the dashboard of the car, I willcheck the phone)

Three unanswered messages from Assadi to Saadouni after Saadouni and Naami were arrested at 12:30:

The first unanswered message from Assadi to Saadouni 13:06:40

Do not enter the playground of boarding house. Go there after exiting, go and then go to the boarding house (do not verify the SMS in the hall, after exiting the hall go and verify the SMS)

The third unanswered message from Assadi to Saadouni 10:53:26 on Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Are you well? Are you healthy?

And these are the last recorded calls of Assadi that were sent to Saadouni about two hours before his arrest.

At the end of his four-hour indictment, the Belgian prosecutor requested 20 years in prison for Assadi, the arrested Iranian terrorist diplomat. In the case of the other three terrorists, he requested 18 years in prison each for Amir Saadouni and Nasimeh Naami, and 15 years in prison for Mehrdad Arefani.