Can you believe that the Government still isn’t doing the day three testing?

After all those times they promised us they’re testing people coming back into the country twice before they’re let into the community, they’re still not testing everyone on day three.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Chris Hipkins admit that in today’s 1pm press conference.

Mostly, because we’ve been here before. Mid-June, they were busted not doing the testing when Thelma and Louise left their Auckland hotel without being tested. Following that, the Prime Minister went on her Facebook Live and told us her expectations hadn’t been met.

But we were assured everyone would now be tested. Twice. Day three and day 12.

But fast forward two months and their assurances aren’t worth the time we spend listening to them. Still not happening.

Now, before they start spinning you that day three tests are not important, yes they are. That’s why they assured us that day three tests would be done.

Day three tests are important so they can find the people who have Covid and move those people to other quarantine facilities so they’re not still mixing with other people in the managed isolation hotel lobbies without face masks – like we’re seeing in the pictures – and making them all sick too.

Because, by the way, if some of these people get sick just before leaving the hotel and coming into the community, their day 12 tests may not necessarily pick up the Covid which takes 5-6 days to incubate.

It starts with the time we were promised the police were checking on all returning Kiwis isolating when at home, and they weren’t checking. It includes us being told everyone coming out of managed isolation were being tested first when they weren’t. And it goes up to us being told all border workers were besting tested when they weren’t.

Our plan to keep Covid out of the country looks good on paper, but unless it’s actually being done, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on. Covid will slip through if you don’t do what you say you’re going to do.

Goodness only knows what the Prime Minister plans to announce to reassure us over this one. She’s already used the 500 defence force card, the Heather Simpson and Brian Roche card, and the ‘I promise we’ll do it this time’ card.

Are there any other cards left?

In fact, you know what? She shouldn’t even bother, because it doesn’t really matter what she announces to try to fix this, again. I don’t believe a word of what she and her government now say about their Covid response.

I now do not trust them to keep Covid out of this country anymore.