Mr. Herbert Martinez (left) with The National Policy director, Mr. Michael Ho (right) at Team BBM 2022 headquarter. /TNP photo


“Filipinos are gising na (awake)”, Mr. Herbert Antonio S. Martinez, National Chairperson of Team BBM 2022 said on an exclusive interview with The National Policy. According to him, the Liberal Party, also called the “Yellow Party”, has been fooling the Filipinos for decades, but now people realize that “abused” democracy is not good for the Philippines because it brings us corruption and low efficiency in government services.

In provinces, politicians form different political dynasties which monopolize the power and resources, then make ordinary people poor and poorer. As a “democracy showcase in Asia” chosen by the U.S, the Philippines is an example of failure, we are left behind while the others are making progress. That is so disappointing and we can really feel the hardships in our country.

Why do thousands of people join Marcos and Sarah tandem caravans? Why do millions of volunteers support Marcos and Sarah campaign? Because Filipinos are awake already! They know what they need most is discipline and leaders who are really pro people! They miss the late president Ferdinand Marcos, the father of Bongbong Marcos.  Aside from that, they also want the continuity of Dutertes’s government policy.

All surveys show that next year elections will be a landslide win for BBM and Inday Sara. Me and my team are in full support.