Metro Manila traffic is the worst in the world for a metropolitan area, according to a 2023 study.

Metro Manila Traffic Ranked Worst in the World - 2023 Study

Photo: Philippine News Agency



This study is by TomTom Traffic, a povider of detailed traffic information. It revealed that in 2023, the average travel time in Metro Manila was 25 minutes and 30 seconds per 10 kilometers, marking an additional 50 seconds from the 2022 recorded data of 24 minutes and 50 seconds.

With a congestion level of 52 percent and an average speed of only 19 kph during rush hours, commuters in Metro Manila lose an average of 117 hours per year due to traffic.

Following Metro Manila’s traffic congestion are Lima (Peru) with an average travel time of 24 minutes and 20 seconds per 10 km, and Bengaluru, India, with 23 minutes and 50 seconds per 10 km.

The top three are trailed by Sapporo (Japan) and Bogota (Colombia), both with 23 minutes and 30 seconds per 10 km.

In contrast, the most efficient metro area globally is Greensboro-High Point in the USA, boasting an average travel time of 8 minutes per 10 km and a congestion level of only 10%.

The TomTom Traffic Index assessed 387 cities across 55 countries and 6 continents, aiming to provide valuable insights into everyday traffic challenges.