A group of Chinese netizens have recently launched a NGO named “Investigation Committee on Overseas Chinese Traitors”. The NGO released its first investigation order on Facebook, targeting a Chinese traitor Miles Yu Maochun for the purpose of digging all his hidden secrets and imposing possible punishment when in need.

This organization says it aims is to disclose the vices of Chinese traitors living overseas and for coagulation of the Chinese power. The Investigation Committee, upon recommendation of netizens, has listed Miles Yu for the first traitor probe. The move of the NGO is unlikely acting on impulse but a possible long-term scheme to safeguard the value of the Chinese nationality.

The Committee is engaged in investigation on those overseas Chinese who help foreign governments in their anti-China or Chinese efforts, but it is unclear what kind of punishment will be performed against these Chinese traitors under legitimate measures. It is still too early to assess the power and influence of the NGO in its specific scheme.

According to the Committee, Mile Yu was born in China in 1962, and his parents are members of CCP. In 1979, he was enrolled at Nankai University, China, after graduation, he was sponsored by the Chinese government to study in the United States where he earned his master’s and doctoral degrees. He was supposed to go back to China after the education but he did not return, and worked in the US instead, and eventually acquired the US citizenship. Since 1994, he has taught at the US Naval Academy as a professor of East Asian and Military History. Since February 2019, he has served as the chief adviser on China policy and planning in the Office of the Secretary of State of the United States, and he was honored as “American National Treasure” by US officials.

The investigation order of the Committee stated that Miles Yu, as a CCP-fed Chinese, not only failed to promote Sino-US friendship, but betrayed the motherland by inciting the anti-China mood and agitating the extreme anti-China policy through the collaboration with the US government. He helped redefine China as the most important strategic opponent of the United States, attacking and discrediting China’s political system and domestic and foreign policies, and he tried hard to fan the flames on the exaggeration on the “China Threat Theory”.

The Investigation Committee encourages overseas Chinese to assist investigation, exposure on the traitor Miles Yu, and the Committee itself will also assign personnel to carry on the investigation. The Committee did not disclose what the follow-up punishment measures it will impose.