Bataan Provincial Board Member Jorge Estanislao personally welcomed US Ambassador to the Philippines MaryKay L. Carlson and her contingent during a recent visit to his town of Morong.

He thanked the US diplomat on behalf of Bataan Governor Joet Garcia and Morong Mayor Cynthia Estanislao.

Estanislao said it is a privilege to see the top US official stationed in the Philippines setting foot in their town.

Carlson graced a ceremony in the municipality for the newest batch of US  Peace Corps Philippines Volunteers who are planting mangroves in coastal Barangay Mabayo.

The US envoy was in Morong with US Peace Corps Country Director Jenner Edelman and three HQ staff from Washington DC — EMA Chief of Operations David Reside, Placement Directors Itzel Schlopiz and Connie Lee, and Training Manager Bonifacio Bucol.

The board member said another batch of US Peace Corps Philippines Volunteers will arrive in Morong by September.

Estanislao said during his stint as Morong mayor, several batches of US Corps Phil Volunteers conducted various activities and trained in the town.

He added that the volunteers are focused on coastal resource management.