Three police have been admitted to hospital after a substance was thrown at them by protesters outside Parliament.

Assistant Commissioner Richard Chambers.Assistant Commissioner Richard Chambers. (Source: 1News)

Assistant Commissioner Richard Chambers was unable to confirm what the substance was.

It happened on Tuesday morning after a confrontation with police around some of the streets outside Parliament.

“Three of our police staff have been admitted to hospital… with a substance that was thrown at them from the protest group,” Chambers said.

He said police were using shields as they were “aware members in the protest group were determined to again throw human faeces at our police staff”. Chambers was asked how many police had faeces thrown at them but he was unable to answer.

Chambers said some of the protesters’ actions were “disgraceful and unacceptable”, but stressed there were also peaceful protesters acting lawfully.

Three people were arrested this morning, two for obstruction and another for driving in a dangerous manner. That person’s car had been seized.

As of yesterday there was between 800-900 vehicles parked around Parliament. Chambers said that number had reduced.

Police were still receiving reports of abuse directed at the public.

“The abuse of the public and police is totally unacceptable,” he said.