CNA file photo of Taiwan
CNA file photo of Taiwan’s F-16 fighter jets 

Taipei, Aug. 31 (CNA) The buildup and deployment of advanced electronic warfare units by the People’s Liberation Army along China’s southeastern coast could potentially pose a serious threat to Taiwan’s defenses, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) said on Monday.

In its 2020 report on China’s military power, the ministry noted how Beijing has been continuing to deploy new-generation fighter jets, reconnaissance aircraft and drones to its air bases in Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong provinces.

The ultimate purpose, according to the report, will be to provide the Chinese military with the advantage of being able to paralyze Taiwan’s air defenses and allow it to seize control of the island’s surrounding waters in the event of an armed conflict.

Even more so, considering its sheer size and increasing capabilities in electronic warfare, Beijing’s move is aimed at giving the PLA air superiority over the Taiwan Strait, the report said.

According to the MND, Taiwan faces an increasing threat from China as Beijing has refused to renounce its goal of taking over Taiwan militarily if necessary, and has continued to deny Taiwan its status as a political entity.

Aside from that, China has been ramping up its intimidation of Taiwan more blatantly, as demonstrated in the attempts by its warplanes to cross the median line of the Taiwan Strait on multiple occasions this year, and its large-scale military drills in the region, the report said.

But despite this worrying concern, the MND said that China at present does not have the ability to initiate a full-scale attack against Taiwan due to the natural environment across the Taiwan Strait and its lack of landing gear and logistical capability.

Also on Monday, the MND submitted its 2021 budget to the Legislative Yuan, totaling NT$453.4 billion (US$15.42 billion), part of which will go to the upgrading of the country’s F-16 fighter jets.