MANILA, Philippines — A small phreatomagmatic burst was recorded in Taal Volcano in the last 24 hours, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said Wednesday.

In its monitoring from 5 a.m. Tuesday to 5 a.m. on Wednesday, Phivolcs said the phreatomagmatic burst recorded in Taal lasted for a minute.

The volcano also exhibited a weak emission of plumes reaching up to 600 tall that drifted to the southwest.

Phivolcs said 2,115 tonnes of sulfur dioxide were also released from the volcano on Tuesday, December 5.

Slight inflation was also observed on the Taal Volcano Island and Western Taal Caldera, while deflation was seen on Eastern Taal Caldera.

Alert Level 1 was placed over Taal Volcano, meaning there is “low-level unrest.”

Under Alert Level 1, entry to Taal Volcano Island or the Permanent Danger Zone especially the Main Crater and Daang Kastila fissures is prohibited, as well as occupancy and boating on Taal Lake.

Flying any aircraft close to the volcano is also not allowed, Phivolcs said.

The agency also warned of possible hazards such as steam-driven or phreatic or gas-driven explosions, volcanic earthquakes, minor ashfall, and lethal accumulations or expulsions of volcanic gas.