The pause on quarantine-free travel from Victoria to New Zealand has been extended as “precautionary but necessary” measure.

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In a statement, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said officials met today and decided a better understanding of the developing situation in Victoria was needed.

Today, the state extended its lockdown as it recorded 13 new community cases of Covid-19.

New South Wales recorded 98 new cases today and the state premier said a hard lockdown was the only way to “crush” the outbreak.

The pause on quarantine-free travel from Victoria and New South Wales would be reviewed again on Wednesday 21 July, the MOH said.

“Victoria remains in lockdown and, with a growing number of people considered linked to the outbreak, Australian health authorities advise that further announcements for the state are expected tomorrow,” the MOH said.

Quarantine-free travel with Queensland would remain in place as officials deemed the state posed a low Covid-19 public health risk to New Zealand.

New Zealand health officials were also closely monitoring South Australia following a new case of Covid-19 in the community today.

“Factors considered in reaching these decisions today included whether any new cases were identified, whether they were infectious in the community, and the results of Covid-19 testing of any contacts and from the wider community,” the MOH said.

“Ministry of Health public health staff remain in close contact with Australian health authorities about the actions being taken in each state.”