A fire which started in the Far North on Saturday is still burning today, but is largely contained.

Fire and Emergency NZ received calls about 1.30pm on Saturday about a huge blaze in Kaimaumau, a remote part of the Far North.


The Kaimaumau fire at night.The Kaimaumau fire at night. (Source: Mary Parrish)


In a statement just before 11am on Sunday FENZ Controller Mitchell Brown says, “the fire is now 80 per cent contained as of 9:30am today, and it is expected to be 100 per cent contained by tonight. Crews will continue to mop up the residual fires over the next two days.”

It had initially engulfed five hectares, but by 5pm on Saturday had grown to around 300 hectares and a further 50 hectares by Sunday morning.

Large bushfire engulfs land in Far North

A large fire has broken out in vegetation near Waiharara in Northland on Saturday. (Source: 1News)

Eyewitnesses could see large plumes of smoke billowing across the sky.

Crews made a start at first light around 6am on Sunday, there are 20 firefighters and several helicopters helping with their efforts.

FENZ say they are working closely with council, Iwi, local orchard owners and Department of Conservation to contain the blaze.

They are also asking the public to stay away from the area for the time being.