A person was injected with a used needle when getting a Covid-19 booster vaccine, prompting an apology and investigation from Canterbury DHB.

Vaccination clinic sign.Vaccination clinic sign. (Source: rnz.co.nz)


Dr Helen Skinner, who is responsible for the DHB’s Covid-19 response, said the error happened at the ‘old CHOC’ clinic at Christchurch Hospital on Friday, December 10.

“A needle previously used to vaccinate one person was used for a second person’s vaccination,” she said.

Skinner said staff immediately told the second person what had happened when they realised.

The DHB has apologised to both people.

Blood samples were taken from both people and a “comprehensive investigation” has begun, she said.

Skinner said steps were being taken to support the vaccinator and both people the needle was used on.

“We will continue to communicate with the person injected with a pre-used needle, supporting them and sharing any new information we receive,” Skinner said.

“If there are improvements we can make to our systems to reduce the chance of this happening anywhere else, we will certainly be implementing them.”