After failure of a series of court mediation last year, Jinesheng Wei, a well-known political activist in the anti-CCP movement has been taken to law by his ex-girlfriend Huaizhao Liu and his illegitimate daughter Charlotte, for his refusal to pay for the child’s maintenance and the promised college tuition. Liu met Wei only once in her lifetime in her official capacity as a journalist. There is another rumor that he has been accused of raping Huaizhao Liu in early 2000 and a child was conceived. Plaintiffs and defendant are requested by the court in Washington DC to meet on 22nd next month to arrange the trial schedule, and it is believed that the civil actions case will start soon between Huaizhao Liu and Charlotte Zhang as the plaintiffs and Jingsheng Wei as the defendant.


Jingsheng Wei

The 70-year old Jingsheng Wei is a Chinese human rights activist who is known for his involvement in the Chinese democracy movement. He is most prominent for having authored the essay The Fifth Modernization, which was posted on the Democracy Wall in Beijing in 1978. He is deemed as the leader of the opposition against the Chinese Communist dictatorship. Mr. Wei was exiled to the U.S. after his imprisonment and has been living in the States for many years.

According to the plaintiffs, Mr Wei has paid zero dollars to plaintiffs from 2000 to the present, although in October 2018 he promised to pay the college tuition of his illegitimate daughter, Charlotte Zhang after a DNA test established in the same year that the defendant is indeed the father of Charlotte. In mid 2018 Mr. Wei promised:” I will sell my house; I will help you.”

The court document shows that plaintiff Liu had sexual intercourse with defendant in California in early 2000 and as a result, she became pregnant; a child was born on Dec 8, 2000 in California. The defendant was censured for breaking his promises and paying nothing as compensation to the plaintiffs. 

The plaintiffs hope that the court will: 1) declare the defendant as the father of Charlotte; 2) order defendant to pay college tuition for Charlotte; 3) order defendant to pay USD500,000 to plaintiffs; 4) award plaintiffs reasonable attorney fees and costs: 5) grant all other such relief to plaintiffs as the Court deems proper and equitable.

Mr. Wei, in his statement, said that plaintiffs are fakes; they have been cheating a lot of people, and this time they have been sent by CCP to come to U.S. to interrupt his work. He also mentioned that when he said Liu should do a DNA test, Liu shut up.

Huaizhao Liu later made a statement for second cause of action, saying Wei’s statements are false and defamatory.