Supplier of Telecommunication Construction Parts

Are you looking for a supplier for your telecommunication construction business or project? We are a direct supplier from China and we offer products such as guy grip, pole clamps, loop holder, stainless steel straps, bride rings, suspension clam (curved or straight), anchor rods, and many others. Contact us through 09620781235 for inquiries and orders.

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EGO-COIN Financial Service We help foreign investors penetrate South China Great Bay, which is the economic growth center of the world. 1. Capital moves in and out of China legally. 2. Investors can choose different areas where to put their investment such as: infrastructure projects, high technology projects, and other investment options. 3. We guarantee at least 5% interest rate per annum. 4. We arrange sight visits.   For inquires, please email us at

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Become a Member of The Jewerly Club

Welcome to The Jewerly Club! We offer a variety of emerald collections such as jewerlies, mahjong sets, Weiqi (Japanese Go, a kind of ancient Chinese chess), Chinese pens  and seals ,Chinese chess sets,  tea pot and cup sets, pendants, bookmarks, and many more. Become a member and enjoy our factory price!   For inquiries, you can send your email to

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