Black Lives Matter activists around the country are livid after it has become apparent that people are driving through their protests held on public streets where cars go.

“I can’t believe that people would stoop so low as to drive on our perfectly normal protest on a public road where cars go. It’s really a hate crime worse than any we’ve faced,” BLM volunteer Dante Johnson said.

Hundreds of protests have taken place in several US cities since the police killing of George Floyd—none with permits and all on streets where cars go.

“And these white supremacists just come here and drive all up in our protest as if this is some kind of KKK parade,” Johnson said. “It ain’t.”

New video shows people being hit by a car near the downtown Spokane George Floyd protests.

“It’s so hateful. I just can’t imagine what kind of world where people would hit people with their car just because they jumped out into the street and started bashing their vehicle with bats and such,” Johnson added.