Manila, Philippines — A new Pulse Asia survey released on Thursday revealed that while 95 percent of Filipinos have increased their spending on food, more than half of the population has started eating less.

The new survey revealed that compared to 89 percent in September 2022, food is now 95 percent of households’ expenditures within the past three months.

“At the same time that nearly all adults (95 percent) report spending more on food in the previous quarter, a small majority of the adult population (53 percent) say they consumed less food in the same period,” said Pulse Asia.

Among locations, Mindanao was noted to have reduced its food consumption the most at 65 percent, with Balance Luzon following at 56 percent.

Meanwhile, 56 percent of Balance Luzon and 46 percent of Visayas ate less.

In terms of classes, Class E had the most people reduce eating at 63 percent. They are followed by Class D at 52 percent and Class ABC at 42.According to Pulse Asia, among food, rice took the lion’s share of Filipinos’ food spending at 83 percent of total household expenditures, with non-food at 61 percent.

Electricity also took a large majority of household expenditures at 62 percent, while the next largest cost is gasoline or diesel at 22.

The following expenditures were listed at their respective percentages: water (16 percent), LPG (15 percent), transportation 13 percent), cellphone load (4 percent), recreation (3 percent), and others (3 percent).

The survey was conducted among 1,200 participants, and each was allowed multiple choices. The survey had a 2.8 percent error margin, with a 95 percent confidence level.