MANDALUYONG CITY — Vice President Sara Duterte has made several “historic firsts” in just 100 days following her assumption of office.

These firsts, she said, “would not only significantly change the way Filipinos look at the Office of the Vice President — but most importantly — would strengthen its mandate and enable the Office to serve more and more Filipinos across the country.”

Duterte, in a 14-minute video report released in time for her first 100 days in office, said that for the first time in the history of the Office of the Vice Philippines (OVP), satellite offices were established in key areas across the country.

Another first was the establishment of the Disaster Operations Center and the planned permanent residence for future Vice Presidents of the Philippines.

The reason behind these decisions, she said, was to strengthen the mandate of the OVP and ensure that the OVP “will never leave any sector behind.”

“The watershed decisions that we have initiated, the reforms on the pipeline, the expansion of the existing social services programs, the implementation of programs aimed at addressing lack of livelihood and recovery from disasters and armed conflicts — these all bring us to an Office of the Vice President that will never leave any sector behind,” she said.

Duterte, who is also the Secretary of Education, also said that coming into office was welcomed by challenges. She did not give specific details but stressed that she came prepared to handle these challenges.

“My first 100 days as Vice President had been marked by many challenges I had prepared myself for, given my long experience in government service and politics, she said.

She acknowledged that challenges are part of the job — testing one’s resolve, determination, and dedication to public service.

“They test your anchor and may even push you off track. You may sometimes lose sight of everything you intend to do because of these challenges,” she said.

“As a public servant, I am no longer surprised by these challenges. Instead, I look at them as opportunities as they open windows for us to — with a great sense of urgency — study, assess, and address conditions that we need to overcome to move along,” she added.

Since she assumed office, Duterte has been to 20 cities in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao and went to the islands of Limasawa in Southern Leyte, Siquijor, and Guimaras to bring the services of the OVP.

In the coming days, the nation can expect more from the OVP.

“And in the coming days, there will be more challenges ahead — challenges that we hope to turn into opportunities to be able to serve you and the country better,” she said.

“We are just starting,” she added. (OVP)