More than 150 Ukrainians have now arrived in New Zealand on a special visa aimed at supporting international humanitarian efforts.

Evacuees of Ukraine sit at Krakow station in Krakow, southern Poland on March 6, 2022. Lots of Ukrainians are heading to Poland to escape the war. Russian President Vladimir PutinUkraine refugees arriving in Krakow, Poland on March 6, 2022 Photo: AFP

Immigration New Zealand numbers show so far 666 visas have been approved and 157 visa holders have arrived in New Zealand under the 2022 Special Ukraine Visa Category.

These figures were a jump from those provided a month prior which showed approval for 463 visas and 92 Ukrainians touching down in New Zealand.

No applications had been declined.

In March, Immigration Minister Faafoi called this the largest special visa category ever established by New Zealand.

The visa however has been criticised for its tight criteria.

Only family members of Ukrainians who are already living in New Zealand are eligible to apply in this category.

Each person who is sponsored can bring a partner and children, but only if the children are dependent.

This has meant that many Ukrainians who can apply have been told they can come, but have to leave other relatives behind.