It is not a hard job to locate and arrest the suspects.
The problem is: the police always kick the ball and tell you that is a civil case!
—-Mike Santos


A second victim of an egg attack has come forward to say he too was targeted in what is thought to be another racially-fuelled incident – allegedly by the same people who targeted a driver in West Auckland about an hour earlier.

Uber driver Shane Shi was taking a passenger to Grey Lynn, via Newton Rd, about 6.10pm yesterday when an egg came flying towards his car – cracking onto the passenger door side window.

“We were stopped at the traffic lights and suddenly [there was a noise], ‘boom’! I drive Uber so I’m very careful, so thought: ‘Oh, what was that’?

“Then I saw the left side of the car had a smashed egg.”

The 50-year-old said he immediately wound down the window and called out to a woman in the car next to them. A man was seated next to her, he said.

“I said: ‘What’s going on’? She said: ‘It wasn’t me’!

“But my passenger, she was in the backseat and saw it clearly, she said it was her.”

Originally from Northwest China, Shi acknowledged that he and his female passenger – also of Asian descent – immediately felt they had just been targeted because of their race.

As Shi continued to question the woman in the car next-door, his passenger urged him to not to antagonise them.

“She was speaking Mandarin – she said: ‘Don’t do anything, just close the window and drive away’.

“She was very scared. I’m okay, I just wanna ask: ‘Why you wanna do that’?”

As the traffic lights turned green, the alleged offending vehicle drove towards State Highway 16, as Shi’s car headed towards Grey Lynn.

Shi has since filed a police report on the incident, which the Herald has seen.

The offence has been described as “endangering transport”.
Second egg attack by the same vehicle in just over an hour

A photo snapped by Shi’s passenger on her cell phone shows the vehicle involved is allegedly the same one connected to a man earlier seen hurling eggs at a car outside a shopping centre in the West Auckland suburb of Kelston.

The driver in that incident, of Indian descent, told the Herald his car was egged about 4.30pm yesterday – just over an hour earlier.

The victim in that incident, who only wanted to be known as Gokul, said he had walked back to his car after getting money out of an ATM when a woman in a vehicle yelled out a Hindi swearword at him.

Minutes later, a man from the same vehicle started throwing eggs at his car.

Gokul said he did not do anything to provoke either the woman or the man.

Police confirmed they were investigating the incident.