PHILIPPINES— Persons whose travels are medical and health-related, including dental and check-up appointments, will be allowed to cross the borders of Metro Manila which is currently under the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).

Gen. Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar, chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), said those travelling for medical reasons are actually considered as the other APOrs (Authorized Persons Outside Residence) along with those who travel for humanitarian reasons.

photo: Ali Vicoy

“Kasama sa other APORs ang mga kababayan nating may appointment sa mga doktor at yung mga kababayan nating kailangang umuwi dahil namatayan ng immediate family members, o may manganganak na asawa at iba pang mga kadahilanan na parte ng ating kulturang Pilipino (Included in the Other APORs are those who have appointments with doctors and those whose immediate family member died, those who need to travel because their wives would give birth and other reasons that deserve consideration as part of our culture,” said Eleazar.

“Our personnel on the ground will not bar them from crossing borders and these include the persons who would accompany them,” he added.

photo: PNP-PIO


APORs are generally classified into two main groups, the Worker-APOR who are allowed to go out and cross borders for being an employee of businesses and industries permitted under the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), and the Customer-APOR who are allowed to go out and avail of the goods and services of the businesses and permitted industries but are prohibited to cross borders.

The Chief PNP said police personnel manning Quarantine Control Points) have been advised to allow persons under the “other APOR” category to cross borders.

In allowing those who would cross borders for medical check-up and other health-related reasons, Eleazar said that it was based on the assumption that most of them have family doctors or trusted physicians who are based outside the LGUs where they live.

Eleazar said crossing a border for persons requiring emergency treatment would always be allowed especially if the condition cannot be treated within the locality due to the unavailability of medical facilities.

“Even those who have vaccination schedules in other LGUs (Local Government Units) would be allowed,” said Eleazar.

The Chief PNP also also reminded the public to continue observing the quarantine rules especially on unnecessary travels.