Vice President Sara Duterte on Wednesday, Dec. 7, recognized the need for the government to provide an “enabling environment” where digital economy will thrive to open opportunities for Filipinos to participate in the digital economy.

Vice President Sara Duterte (Photo from Chinese Embassy in Manila)


In a recorded speech for the National Cybersecurity Talent Framework Analysis Report by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Better Access and Connectivity (BEACON), the official thanked both agencies “for implementing various initiatives to improve the digital ecosystem of the Philippines.”

“Our counterpart efforts shall be focused on providing for the enabling environment for digital infrastructure to become efficient, reliable, and facilitative of a thriving digital economy,” she said.

“We shall look into policy reforms and consider risk-based cyber-protection planning frameworks to safeguard the interests of all stakeholders engaged in the increasingly integrated and connected global digital economy,” the official added.

Duterte, who serves as Education chief in a concurrent capacity, lauded the international partnerships the Philippines has forged to improve its cybersecurity and the capacities of Filipinos to be more involved in such technical skills.

“The assistance that the US Agency for International Development has provided for the Philippines over the past six decades have contributed to the resilient and sustainable economic growth of the nation as a whole, as well as improved the capacities of local government units, the academe, and civil society to address development challenges,” she said.

Although Filipinos are “well-position(ed)” to benefit from the digital economy and the successes that internet brings, the Vice President recognized the need for the government to ensure that “we are also taking action to minimize cybersecurity threats, and that we are building up a nation of cybersafe internet users.”

“As we interact with international markets, government partners, and various industries, efficiency and security in our information technology platforms to ensure virtual connectivity is needed. Our partnership with international donors such as USAID is strategic in that they, as global technology and digital innovation leaders, can transfer knowledge and expertise to improve the state of our digital infrastructure and ecosystem in the Philippines,” she furthered.

She expressed gratitude and hope that the analysis presented in the report will increase cybersecurity talent in the country and called on organizations to “scale up local capacities and elevate the cybersecurity skillset of the Filipinos.”