Departing from the usual, traditional and basic education curriculum for our kids (4-12 years old)—consisting of technical subjects such as reading, writing, arithmetic, science, arts, etc.—I would like to propose that a “new curriculum” should be seriously considered to focus more on the so-called “moral-type of education” (good manners and right conduct, values-formation, discipline, group interaction, self-awareness, play, games, etc.).

Hopefully, this new curriculum would greatly help in the resurgence/embodiment of morally upright children in our midst who are likewise expected to have been molded by their parents at home.

Aforesaid basic education subjects could easily be learned by these kids at the time that they reach higher grade levels, especially so if they already have a solid grounding/foundation regarding the moral type of education.

Therefore, I strongly urge our legislators to file a bill regarding this new curriculum for the kids.

Likewise, I highly expect our Department of Education officials to fully support the development of this new curriculum.

In Japan, this type of “moral education” for the kids has been in existence for the longest time.

It is high time for the Philippines to adopt the said new curriculum.

It is expected that this new curriculum and innovative approach to educating our children, during their formative years, would lead to more enlightened and morally upright adults and responsible citizens of our country.

After all, “The youth is the hope of our future.”