Dr. Fritz Cobrado, Director of the nongovernmental organization LAMP Foundation International, said during a group discussion among their participants that the LAMP’s thrust is on agriculture emphazing their capability to extend their assistance to farmers. Dr. Cobrado explained further that organic farming, also known as ecological farming, is an agricultural system that uses fertilizers of organic origin such as compost manure, green manure, and bone meal and places emphasis on techniques such as crop rotation and companion planting.

Shown on this photo are Bishop Fritz Cobrado, Director of LAMP Foundation International and some participants, on their way to Lanao, Misamis Occ. Pagadian & Lapuyan Zamboanga del Sur to conduct ocular inspection, empowerment, coaching and mentoring to LAMP Scholars in different schools and various farming projects. LAMP – Operation ABBA


He emphasized that the farmers should be taught well enough so they can learn how to maintain and improve fertility, soil structure, and biodiversity to prevent soil erosion.

The head of the LAMP pointed out that it is their  objective to ensure that the risks to human, animal, and environmental exposure to toxic materials must be reduced . He concluded that it is a must to fine tune farming practices to meet local production to conditions and satisfy local consumers.The challenge for future organic agriculture will be to maintain its environmental benefits, increase yields, and reduce prices while meeting the challenges of climate change and an increasing world population.

Dr. Cobrado , who is also known as an advocate of natural farming, cited members of LAMP who become lovers of farming and owned a few hectares of land. The foundation teaches them methods on natural farming.

LAMP is helping farmers learn how to improve their farming to accelerate in their production long before Bongbong Marcos became the President of the Philippines posed his challenged to all filipinos to help the country secure our food production as our national thrust to shield us from the coming global famine.

In an interview with Andry Lim another advocate on natural farming , he said that it is heart warming to note that Dr. Fritz Cobrado,  in a short period that he shared to him the essentials of natural farming,  has gone far and wide on his passion to pursue lecturing farmers especially the tribal community and the Muslims as well.

Kuya Andry as he is commonly known, is ASEAN Agrow Awards  awardee in 2018, the Department of Agriculture Secretary’s Award for Outstanding Organic Agriculture Initiative in 2009, and a Datu Bago Awardee in Davao City in 2020.