The US chip ban against Huawei will commence on 15th this month as part of the anti-Huawei campaign starting from last year. To overcome the chip shortage in the coming months, Huawei has recently launched a cloud phone sales in which a new flagship of Kunpengyun mobile phone will be the substitute of a regular phone with advanced chips.

According to the statement of Huawei, the new type phone is useful for playing cloud mobile games, and is the best alternative for a daily basis. Huawei Cloud Phone is based on the Huawei Yunpeng Peng bare metal server.

Huawei’s website gives the description that the Yunpeng cloud service solution comprehensively introduces the value and significance of the products and services provided by Huawei Yunpeng cloud service. In the challenge of innovation, using the innovation methodology and relying on Huawei Yunpeng services, it will realize the challenge of innovative application of government digital management, with combination of technological innovation and actual scenarios, highlighting the integration of innovation theory and innovation tools.

Cloud phones can be used in scenarios such as application intelligent hosting, cloud mobile games. Crowdcasting and interactive entertainment, and mobile office.

Some analysts said the new product at this stage is mostly for the use of software developers and companies. The advantages are still unclear, which needs users’ testing, such the response time between servers and phone sets, the possible bigger power consumption and cost of phone traffic. The cloud phone needs to work under 5G environment that is under speedy construction in Chinawhich so far has been the largest scale of 5G base stations in the world.

Huawei doesn’t expect a high sales too much, since the cloud phone is an option to deal with the chip ban shortage and save Huawei’s market. But many customers are exciting to see this temporary solution and no one knows if it will be successful in the market.