Manila, Philippines –The Liberal Party (LP) of the Philippines questioned government plans to amend the 1987 Constitution, saying this would cost the people “time and money.”

“This will take away resources that could otherwise be used to address rising commodity prices, the education crisis, and new environmental and health threats,” the LP said in a statement on Tuesday.

“It can also be asked: Is the Constitution to blame on why investors are not approaching us?” they added. “When we open foreign ownership of businesses, are our infrastructures, manpower, and institutions ready for those changes?”

They also ask if it is really just the economic provisions that needed to be amended in the Constitution and said the “cha-cha” should not be used to increase the country’s bureaucracy.

“When the amendment to the Constitution is opened, nothing prohibits the change in other provisions, which also includes those on term limits and the prohibition of political dynasties,” the LP wrote. “Any additional office, officials, positions, or even expenses are added to the burden of the Filipino people, especially in the midst of the biggest budget deficit and debt-financing in our history after the reckless borrowing from the [Rodrigo] Duterte administration.

The LP said they want stronger and more reliable government institutions, the government saving money and curbing corruption before making any changes to the Constitution.