Recently, a university in the United States suddenly announced that it would expel all state sponsored visiting scholars and students funded by Chinese government and order them to leave the country within one month.

Although the sudden move has not yet been reported by any mainstream media in the United States, a screenshot of an email from the University of North Texas was released last week on Twitter.

According to the email, on August 26, the University suddenly decided to suspend the qualification of Chinese government-sponsored visiting students and scholars for study in the University, and deprived these people of the right to continue to use the school’s server, e-mail and other learning materials, but only allow the affected students to return to school to collect their personal belongings.

The email also shows that the University informed the visa authorities of the US government, saying that the study program of these Chinese government-sponsored visiting students and scholars had ended on August 26.

Petition websites in the United States“ ” said the University of North Texas ordered the Chinese students and scholars with J-1 visa to leave the country within one month, but the school has not given any reason.

So far has received at least 3239 signatures for petition, including some staff from the school who supported students and criticized the school’s decision.

Among them, a professor who is involved in the Chinese Student Scholar Program left a message, saying that the school’s decision is “unfair” and “unnecessary”, because he has not heard of any specific accusations against any Chinese government-sponsored international students and scholars at the University of North Texas. He doesn’t understand why the school had to drive out all the Chinese government-sponsored students and scholars all at once.

He also said that it was inappropriate for the school to limit the departure of these Chinese students and scholars within 30 days, regardless of the coronavirus pandemic, which would cause them great trouble. Moreover, if these students are unable to leave the country on time due to various difficulties, they may be further involved in legal risks.