DOJ head William Barr, at the request of President Donald Trump, started an investigation into the ANTIFA and it falls directly at Barack Hussein Obama’s feet. ANTIFA is the creation of Barack Obama and George Soros, and it is even partially funded with taxpayer money, something that will be coming to a swift end.

While Barack Obama was a community organizer, George Soros saw something in him. He approached Obama with an idea. Soros had the money, and Obama was an expert community organizer. If Obama helped Soros get this off the ground, Soros would find Obama’s senate run, and then his presidential run as well. Soros groomed Obama into what he wanted!

Joseph Barron, a lead investigator on Barr’s team, couldn’t believe it. The truth was right there in front of him!

He couldn’t be in a Rush, for this was no Fly By Night organization. He was Caressing The Steel of George Soros’ 2112 plan, on the Hemispheres of a Farewell to Kings.

The plan meant Permanent Waves of Moving Pictures and protests, and there were Signals of what was to come after the Obama presidency. Barron had to act with Grace Under Pressure. He was looking into the Power Windows of a well funded, well organized militant leftist group, and he knew it. “Hold Your Fire,” he said, knowing that anything getting out about the investigation would destroy it.

“Presto!” He said. He found the links. Everything that linked Obama not only to George Soros but to ANTIFA.  He would Roll the Bones on this, putting every part and Counterparts together. This was an operation Test For Echo, everything from ANTIFA to 5G to Vapor Trails. There would certainly be Feedback on this from the president, Donald Trump.

Obama and Soros were playing a game of Snakes and Arrows. But the Clockwork Angels were watching over investigator Barron. Billions of dollars were flowing into the coffers of ANTIFA, the “grassroots” movement of liberals and leftists. The completely made-up scenario from the president and his supporters was finally coming together.

While Trump hid out in the bunker, Barron concluded that the entire thing was much ado about nothing.  It was just… Obama’s fault. That’s what he would tell him.