India hits 6 million coronavirus infections, approaches 100,000 deaths
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India has reported over 6 million confirmed coronavirus cases so far as the country, one of the most populous in the world, sees a fast-growing rise in infections, The Associated Press reports.

The news agency reported on Monday that the country saw an increase of 82,170 cases of the novel coronavirus in a one-day span, in addition to over 1,030 deaths from the illness. The country has reported more than 6,074,000 coronavirus cases in total and more than 95,500 deaths.

According to AP, India is seeing its infection rate rise at a quicker pace than any other country. The country is reportedly on track to surpass the United States in infections in a matter of weeks.

So far, Johns Hopkins University data shows the U.S. has counted over 7.1 million COVID-19 cases as of early Monday. The U.S. has also recorded more than 200,000 deaths from the illness, the highest tally reported in the world, according to the data.

India, according the AP, has seen the highest number of patients recover from the illness. The country reportedly has a recovery rate of nearly 83 percent, with more than 5 million recoveries recorded.

India’s current speedy uptick in infections reportedly comes as a number of states in the country have eased coronavirus restrictions in a bid to turn around an economic downtown after businesses in the country were hit hard by its lockdown earlier this year amid the pandemic.