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Only a Live Exercise

The guy talking is Mike Pompeo The vid was altered only to loop and emphasize the phrase he used “a live exercise.” See the source here

Don’t worry folks – had the media decided that it mattered you would have known!

Don’t worry folks the COVID 19 pandemic is only an “Live Exercise” as shown in this video and the information below.

The Plan short verson

This video was extracted from which is a couple hours


Curiously, the World Economic Forum, sponsored by the United Nations, World Bank, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Center for Disease Control and other global organizations, met last October in Event 201. A major purpose in that meeting was to strategize about how to control the messaging in the event of a pandemic.

Fear and uncertainty would be key because those two factors make a docile, obedient public. In the event of an outbreak, the message would have to scare the hell out of everyone. National leaders would have to be encouraged to push the proverbial panic button which would flatten the world economy. Led by the United Nations, global elites would gather to orchestrate, and dictate an economic solution that would finally lead to “a new world order.”

Coincidentally COVID-19 arrived in China two months later. Immediately the global elites sounded the alarm as a scared public and world leaders heeded their dire warning. The world community was wise to scramble around finding new medicines in lieu of vaccines that would take months to develop and approve.

But think for a moment about the opportunity the coronavirus provides globalists. In discussing their strategy a few months ago, these groups were dead serious, not about the toll it would take on the masses, but on the importance of their messaging. It seemed they cared less about the people such a pandemic would infect than how they could exploit such a crisis. When COVID-19 broke as human-to-human transmissible, the Director General of the World Health Organization sounded the alarm, stating no one was immune. Using faulty numbers, WHO almost immediately claimed a mortality rate close to four percent, almost four times greater than that of the annual flu.

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For three years a sitting president has been hounded on false allegations and hearsay. After squandering millions of taxpayer dollars on phony probes, he has been acquitted.

How did the Democrats succeed so in a Republican administration? Ask Barack Obama. He knew his successor would dismantle his legacy, a legacy globalist progressives – both Democrats and Republicans in name only (RINOs) – had fought long and hard for. Hillary Clinton was to carry it on, but instead Trump is killing it. Since Obama knew this could happen, he and his team devised a plan to salvage what he wrought and ensure it carried on after his departure. The process he started during his administration would continue through his self-declared “shadow government.

He knew he had the structure to accomplish his plan. The White House, Departments of Justice, State, Defense and the intelligence agencies are the core of any administration and were replete with his people. Plus the media as always would stay loyal to his progressive ideology and globalist RINOs weren’t about to help an establishment outsider and proclaimed nationalist.

In the unlikely event of a Trump victory, the plan had to include four-parts: a) Clinton crimes and exoneration; b) Trump-Russia collusion; and, if Hillary lost, c) an special counsel probe; and d) an impeachment.

During Obama’s Term in Office

Clinton Crimes and Exoneration

Hillary Clinton had to become the Democrat presidential nominee, but her notorious record made that hard to achieve. In 2010 she had approved the sale of 20 percent of American uranium to Russia’s atomic energy corporation for a Russian donation of $145 million to her foundation. Then she used an unsecured server to pass classified documents. Obama actually communicated with her in this fashion and her email records were hidden in the Executive Office of the President. In violation of a Congressional subpoena, she destroyed laptops and used bleachbit to erase emails permanently.

To clear her of all these indiscretions, Obama ordered Attorney General Loretta Lynch to treat the Clinton situation as a “matter,” not an investigation and key Clinton staffers were given immunity. The State Department offered the FBI more legal attache positions abroad if the agency would downgrade Clinton emails “from classified to something else.”

In May 2016 Peter Strzok changed the wording of FBI Director James Comey’s statement that would exonerate Clinton, wording Obama used that same month to declare Clinton’s innocence. Comey summarily dismissed a chart listing all the laws Clinton had violated and 30 breaches into the Clinton email system, mostly by foreign governments.

Three months later Comey made the statement, sparing Lynch the embarrassment of having to decide the case and clearing the way for Clinton to run for president.

When Bernie Sanders made a run for the Democrat presidential nomination, DNC chair Debbie Wassermann Shultz delivered super delegate votes to ensure a Clinton victory.

Trump-Russia Collusion

Next Trump had to be discredited. Consequently in January 2016 White House brass met with Ukrainian officials to discuss ways to develop “dirt” on him.

Two months later the Clinton campaign and the DNC contracted with Fusion GPS to find additional dirt. The firm contracted Christopher Steele, a former British spy and Trump hater, to develop what became the unverified Trump dossier.

Obama then tasked CIA director John Brennan to organize an interagency taskforce and meet with members of foreign intelligence groups to plot against Trump. White House, State, Treasury, and Justice department staff comprised the taskforce.

In July 2016, Brennan told taskforce member Peter Strzok to initiate a counterintelligence investigation on Trump based on the dossier. Although Strzok confessed there was “no there there,” he and Lisa Page kept digging. Page then tweeted, “POTUS (Obama) wants to know everything we do.”

State Department officials Jonathan Winer and Victoria Nuland worked with Steele and DOJ’s Bruce Ohr, whose wife Nellie worked for Fusion GPS. Together they ensured the dossier material made it to both the FBI and the media. Winer introduced Steele to other top government officials and just before Obama left office, he met with Russian officials regarding the Trump-Russia smear campaign.

The FBI then used the false dossier to apply for multiple FISA warrants to spy on Carter Page and other Trump campaign staff. Strzok was personal friends with the Obama-appointed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) judge who presided over the federal case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

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The above is a small portion of the article.This sort off topic. But this is “Your beloved Obama!” Can you hear my sarcasm?

Obama declares allegiance to the Queen, not to America

Obama declares allegiance to the Queen, not to America

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