MANILA – The Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB) will be coming up with an order regarding the distribution of 100,000 slots for transport network vehicle service (TNVS) applications nationwide.


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“The board will issue a memorandum circular detailing the distribution,” said Engr. Riza Paches of the LTFRB at the Saturday News Forum at Dapo Restaurant in Quezon City but did not specify a date.

“But right now, the board through its divisions under the LTFRB are considering how this is going to be rolled out operationally,” she added.

The LTFRB board member noted that providing additional slots will not only generate employment but also address the problem of public transportation.

“The bottom line as expressed by the chair, is basically trying to help in the generation of jobs, and also addressing lack of public transportation, particularly the ones that are connected to specific points like airports and other business-intensive areas in the country,” she said.

In an earlier statement, the LTFRB said that the slots will be opened for motorcycles and four-wheeled motor vehicles.

Also, Paches said they are looking into how processes can be streamlined, and how compliance can be encouraged without delay or deterrence, for those who apply or want to avail of the services of LTFRB.

“Currently, we have done a regulatory impact assessment of the policies that we have instituted in the past. Actually, we are in the process of updating our internal rules of procedure, particularly after the pandemic because the public transportation landscape has really changed; other than the demand, the behavior of our riders, and actually the preference of the commuters has also changed,” she said.

“So, these are the adjustments being made with the current board in the LTFRB right now,” Paches added.